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Chitwan National Park

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Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal, declared in 1973 AD. It has been renowned worldwide for many wildlife including endangered ones, flora and fauna, and many varieties of birds and butterflies. It offers a diverse range of activities in the beautiful terrain of this wonderland. The ethnic group of this place, Tharus perform cultural programs and is provided to the people visiting Chitwan National Park. Jungle activities like Elephant back safari, Canoe Ride, visiting the elephant breeding center at Sauraha, etc are the main things to do. The village tour and Sunset view from the River bank are wonderful experiences here.

One has to pay the entrance fee to experience the park activities inside the national park. The fees are NPR 2000 for foreign nationals, NPR 1000 for SAARC nationals, and NPR 150 for Nepali citizens.

Why visit Chitwan National Park?

The Chitwan National Park was listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites in 1984 as an amazing national park in the world. One-horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Crocodile, Elephant Ride and Bird watching are popular activities. The Chitwan National Park is home to more than 700 species of wildlife, 68 species of mammals and a not yet fully surveyed number of butterfly, moth and insect species. The king cobra and rock python and other inclusive of 17 species of snakes, starred tortoise and monitor lizards are here. More than 113 species of fish, Mugger crocodiles and Gharials can be found in the habitat of the Rapti-Narayani River system.


Sauraha is a village near Chitwan National Park, near the Rapti River. There are hotels ranging from 2* to 4* and provides facilities for Jungle activities including Jungle safaris. You can see the domesticated elephants in the streets of Sauraha. Female elephants are tamed for game and safaris whereas Male elephants are free and live in Jungle habitat. This is a village with indigenous Tharu people with their distinct culture, traditions and lifestyle. Elephant breeding center is another attraction of Sauraha. The domesticated elephants serve as a safari for the people who are willing to do Elephant safari. There are homestays available for the people who want to experience the Tharu lifestyle, their cuisine and culture. Being a wildland and indigenous culturally rich, this place has many things to offer.


Jagatpur lies on 20 KM northwest part of Bharatpur and is a gateway to thousands of tourists every year to Chitwan National Park. The area has a large number of luxurious hotels and natural beauties near the abode of wildlife. It is famous as the jungle exploring place from where elephant rides are available and the possibility to see rare animals like one-horned rhinos, various species of wild cats and many others. Additionally, the crocodile breeding center is a reason to visit Jagatpur.


Meghauli is a village near the National Park. It touches 25 KM of the borders of the Park. The village is just close to the banks of Rapti and Narayani River. Being a village covering a large area around the border of Chitwan National Park, it is rich in wildlife. The village offers several Jungle sports and activities inside the Chitwan National Park. Meghauli also has a number of resort accommodations from budget range to luxury.

Being a beautiful place with enriched wildlife, floral and faunal diversity and cultural aspects make it a perfect destination to visit. It is a world-renowned National Park and offers many lifetime experiences. The visit to Chitwan National Park, apart from the leisure and recreation, is a great lifetime experience.

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