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Muktinath Tour Package from Bangalore takes you to the wonderful pilgrimage of Muktinath, perhaps a Shaktipeetha and a liberation centre in the Mukti Kshetra of Nepal. It is also known for being one of the important places of religious significance and a place of incredible natural beauty. 

Nepal is one of the most beautiful Himalayan countries in the world. Countless attractions such as natural landscapes, majestic Himalayas, pilgrimage sites and cultural diversity of this country have made Nepal an exotic destination to visit. Nepal is a country in South Asia and a Himalayan nation, bordered by China on the north, and India on its south, east and west. Nepal is home to eight of the world's 14 highest mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. Nepal's capital Kathmandu is home to 10 UNESCO world heritage sites, including the Pashupatinath temple and several other places of incredible religious, cultural and natural importance.

Highlights of Muktinath Tour Packages from Bangalore

  • Well-curated, hassle-free, and rewarding tours in the mountains of Nepal. 

  • Visit Pashupatinath Temple and Muktinath Temple. 

  • Visit several cultural sites in Kathmandu and natural sites in Pokhara. 

  • Immerse yourself in adventure activities in Pokhara Valley. 

  • Explore the arid valley of the Mustang. 

  • Scenic mountain landscapes in different places of Nepal. 

The close religious ties between India and Nepal are considered pious and many visitors from India travel to Nepal to fulfill their pilgrimage needs. The Muktinath Tour Packages from Bangalore are curated to provide a wide range of experiences for visitors from the Bangalore India. Each tour is organized after the travelers land at Kathmandu Airport and we shall operate the trip on Nepal’s side.

Muktinath Tour is one such tour that is purely made for Indian travelers to quench their thirst to visit Nepal's mountains for religious reasons. Muktinath is considered holy and is one of the greatest pilgrimages of Hindus and Buddhists. Many people from the Indian subcontinent visit Nepal to explore the Muktinath temple, its arid landscapes, and the wonderful religious symbiosis of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal.

Facts Table

Trip Name

Muktinath Tour Package from Bangalore


3-10 Days

Highest Elevation

3710 M

Trip Mode



Hinduism and Buddhism


Mustang, Nepal


Muktinath, Padmasamvaba





Construction Style

3 Tiered Pagoda Style

Opening Time

7 AM to 11 AM Morning,2 PM to 5 PM Evening.


Local Lodges

Permits required


Permit Fee

INR 800 + INR 400

Accessible via

Land and Air Route

Flight Route

Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara

Land Route

Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara

Helicopter Route


Distance from Jomsom

23 KM

Drive duration from Jomsom

1 Hour 30 Mins. 

Distance from Pokhara`

180 KM

Drive duration from Pokhara

10-12 Hours

Best Time to Visit

Spring and Autumn

Muktinath Temple

Muktinath Temple is revered for the pilgrimage needs. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and several other deities as per religious belongingness. Some people visit this temple in search of a spiritual connection while many others have their own sort of faith in visiting this temple. Muktinath is popular as Mukti Kshetra - a place where salvation and liberation from mortal life are believed to be guaranteed.

Muktinath temple is a pagoda-style temple and is considered to be a symbiosis of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is Lord Vishnu’s temple for Hindus whereas Buddhists consider it as a place where Padmasambhava meditated on his way to Tibet. In front of the temple, there are two holy ponds namely Laxmi Kund and Saraswati Kund. Taking a holy dip into these ponds is believed to wash away negative energy and sins. Also, 108 water spouts surrounding the temple are another major thing to explore. People start taking baths from either side to another side in all these taps.

Hinduism belief states that Muktinath has risen on its own. It is the place where Lord Vishnu got salvation from the curse of Brinda. Since it lies at the base of Throng La, one of the highest mountain passes, the Annapurna’s backdrop seems spectacular. The wonderful natural settlement of Muktinath temple is another key attraction to explore in Nepal.

Where is Muktinath Temple?

The Muktinath temple, one of the 108 Divya Desam, is found in Nepal's Mustang area at an elevation of 3,710 meters above sea level. For those who live in the South Asian subcontinent, the words "Muktinath," "Mukti Kshetra," or "Muktinath Temple" have significant religious significance. It serves as a place where Hindus and Buddhists can coexist religiously.

The Nepalese temple is regarded as the ideal "place of liberation." This area is known as Chumig Gyatsa, which is Buddhist for "hundred waters." It belongs to the 24 Tantric locations. The Muktinath idol is one of the eight shrines, along with Tirupati, Srimushnam, Pushkaram, Srirangam, Badrinath, Thothadri, and Naimisaranyam. It is said that the divine Muktinath mandir emerged on its own. The Vaishnava religion, whose literature dates back to 1000 BCE, regards these top Muktinath Dham temples as divinely holy.

Muktinath Temple, also known as "Mukti Kshetra," is situated geographically in the Mustang district's Muktinath Valley, at the base of the Thorong La mountain pass. The Muktinath Temple is located 24 kilometers northeast of Jomsom, as shown on the Nepali map of the temple. Muktinath is one of the world's highest temples because of its elevated location and its height above sea level. To the east of this temple is the Jwala Mai temple, known for its "three eternal flames."

Best time to visit Muktinath Temple

One of the most significant Tibetan Buddhist traditions claims that visiting Muktinath Temple is the only surefire way for followers to escape the cycle of rebirth and death and reach Nirvana. A visit to Muktinath is revered since it offers the chance to achieve the objective. It is thought that the water sprouts that fall from the bullheads in the temple's backyard are holy. Hindu astrology accords significance to the number 108, and taking a holy bath in this water is thought to bring redemption and wash away pilgrims' sins. That is why a large number of people come here each day to bathe in the holy water.

One of the holiest sites for Hindus worldwide is the Muktinath Temple. In addition to its religious significance, this location provides a breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the surrounding area. Even though Mustang is also known as Nepal's desert, the breathtaking scenery will leave you awestruck and compel you to return time and time again.

People can travel there on a direct 15-minute flight from Pokhara. Alternatively, you could travel there by bus or jeep. Muktinath is accessible at any time. However, due to its location in one of Nepal's Himalayan areas, those who unintentionally visit during the wrong season may have to endure the harsh weather. Therefore, March through May or September through October are the ideal times to visit Muktinath.

Visitors may go there during the months of February and November. The monsoon season, which lasts from June through August, brings with it exceptionally significant rainfall. The best and quickest method to get to Muktinath temple is to take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom.

In light of the fact that the routes to Muktinath are mountainous and rocky and one may encounter unforeseen challenges there, it is best to avoid visiting during the rainy season. In addition to the rainy season, it is best to avoid visiting Muktinath in the winter, particularly in December and January. The temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius at that moment. The surroundings are completely frozen and coated in snow.

Visit during the spring, which runs from March through May, and you can undoubtedly take in the breathtaking surroundings. You won't need to be concerned about any weather-related risks. There will be magnificent buckwheat plants and lush vegetation everywhere. There will be numerous appealing views that one would desire to observe every day. You may view those stunning apple orchards all around if you are ready to travel in September. You are welcome to come here whenever you want if you have a very daring nature.

Best Nepal Government Accredited Tour Packages

Nepal is a landlocked country that shares borders with both China and India. Despite having such close proximity to the Himalayan mountains, Nepal's varied geography, which runs from lush tropical rain forests to dry grasslands, creates an area with an abundance of natural beauty.

When you explore Kathmandu's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you'll see that the nation is a fascinating tapestry of various cultures and beliefs. Since Buddhism and Hinduism coexist harmoniously in Muktinath, religious concord is reportedly equally common in this nation. Additionally, the trip packages in Nepal are expertly created, taking thorough consideration of the visitor's needs.

Going on a tour package to Nepal is the ideal option because it will help you make the most of your trip. Muktinath Tour Package from Bangalore, for instance, is one of the best Nepal tour packages that are government-permitted and allows the pilgrims to take in the incredible mountain atmosphere. Enter Nepal, a landlocked nation wedged between the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan Plateau and explore its magnificent offerings. Its breathtaking natural beauty, and its prayers fueled temples and palaces. Join us on an exploration of our Nepal tour packages.

Muktinath Tour Packages from Bangalore

Muktinath Tour Packages from Bangalore are designed to facilitate our Indian pilgrims who want to enjoy the pilgrimage and cherish the mountains of Nepal. The trip features an exclusive religious trip with a combination of leisure in Nepal’s prominent places such as Kathmandu and Pokhara valley. On this trip, you will also get an opportunity to explore the adventurous activities in Pokhara and if you want to complete the trip within the shortest time period, a helicopter option is also available.

Muktinath Helicopter Tour From Kathmandu

The Muktinath Tour by Helicopter's major aim is to give a quick overview of the pilgrimages. You will be taken to your accommodation the same day you arrive in Nepal, and if you have time in the evening, you can visit the Pashupatinath temple. However, if you are late, the Pashupati visit will be planned for the following day. The following day, you'll depart from Kathmandu and go by helicopter to the Muktinath temple. The entire trip lasts four hours. While waiting, you might take a trip around the Muktinath temple and the surrounding area. The Pashupatinath temple is accessible in the evening. After the excursion, you will be driven to the airport for your last departure.

Muktinath Tour Package by Helicopter Itinerary
Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival, Pashupati visit. 
Day 2: Kathmandu to Muktinath and return by Helicopter
Day 3: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package By Drive

Flying is among the most practical and swift ways to get to the Muktinath temple. On the trip, you will stop at the temple and see some of Kathmandu and the Pokhara Valley's attractions. You will go to the Pashupatinath temple, which is a very important pilgrimage site, in addition to the Muktinath temple. For additional information on the trip, visit Muktinath Tour Package by Flight.

Muktinath Tour Package by Flight Itinerary
Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival
Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Fly to Pokhara
Day 3: Fly to Jomsom, Drive to Muktinath
Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara, Pokhara Sightseeing
Day 5: Fly back to Kathmandu, Kathmandu Sightseeing
Day 6: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight

The Muktinath Tour Plan by Drive and Flight is another travel package that takes you to the Muktinath temple. The driving and the flight are both included in this itinerary. After driving from Kathmandu to Pokhara, you will catch a flight from Jomsom to Muktinath. The Jomsom road segment is a bit difficult and off-road, therefore the aircraft alternative is feasible and takes less than 30 minutes to get there. The schedule for the package is shown below for your reference. For more information, go to Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight.

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight Itinerary
Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival
Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara (210 KM)
Day 3: Fly to Jomsom (Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Drive to Muktinath
Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara(Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Pokhara Sightseeing
Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu, visit Manakamana Temple
Day 6: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive

Driving in Nepal to the Muktinath temple is a fun, lovely, and useful travel choice. Numerous sightseeing trips in both the Pokhara Valley and the Kathmandu Valley are included in the program. The trip's drive through the mountains and taking in their beauty is one of its key delights. For your convenience, a summary of the itinerary for the package is provided below. For more information, go to Muktinath Tour Package by Drive.

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive Itinerary
Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival
Day 2 Kathmandu Sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara (210 KM)
Day 3: Drive to Muktinath, Back to Jomsom
Day 4: Drive from Jomsom to Pokhara
Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu
Day 6: Departure 

Take your time and explore Nepal at your own speed. As you stroll around Kathmandu's historic streets, discover more about the culture and history of Nepal. Explore one of Kathmandu's busiest outdoor bazaars or browse traditional markets for souvenirs.

From the adventurous to those seeking a relaxing vacation, Nepal has something for everyone, and it's all waiting for you! Depending on what you want, there are several methods to explore this incredible nation. By taking the locals to an art museum or monastery, you may introduce them to their culture. You may go around Thamel's secret temples and nightclubs or just take in the spectacular vistas that Nepal's high mountains have to offer.

How to Book Nepal Tour Packages from Bangalore

A Muktinath tour package can be easily organized from Bangalore. The reservation may be made with a few clicks. For the Muktinath visit, you can either select a pre-tailored itinerary or let us know your preferred time and timetable. After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will process the itinerary and make the finest travel arrangement for you. For reservations, we require a payment of INR 10,000 per participant. We'll then begin making plans for the hotel and transportation.

Get a Muktinath Tour Package from Bangalore: Request a Quote

At First

Decide your preferred time, date and type of tour that you want to experience in Nepal. 

Second Step

Call, Email or WhatsApp us with your decided tour plan, date, time and name information. 

Third Step

Our correspondents will reach out to you to discuss your requirements. At that time, we will help you eliminate your curiosity and queries. Similarly, we will let you know the relevant information about the trip plan. 

Fourth Step

For reservation, we need your full name along with an advance amount of INR 10,000 or USD 100 Per Person. After reservation, you need to pay the remaining balance after arriving in Nepal. After your payments, we’ll provide you with a payment receipt for your due reference. After receiving payment, we’ll process the reservation of hotels, transportation and other amenities. 


After you arrive in Nepal, our company representative will meet you at the hotel to discuss the plan again. During that time, the due amount will be collected. 

Travelers Also Ask

The following are some of the important queries that are frequently asked before visiting Nepal. If you have any questions, you may quickly have them answered by getting in touch with our travel-savvy correspondent.

How to reach Nepal from Bangalore?

Flights to Kathmandu are available from Bangalore on Indigo, Vistara, and AirIndia, with a stopover in Delhi or Mumbai. Flying is the most practical way to travel to Nepal. When you arrive in Nepal, a representative from our office will pick you up at the airport. Transferring you to the hotel is scheduled. Once more, our representative will meet you at the hotel and give you a rundown of the schedule. If there is any balance owing, it will be collected during the briefing.

Are there direct flights from Bangalore to Kathmandu?

Yes, there is one. Nepal Airlines operates a direct flight from Bangalore to Kathmandu. There are several other flight options that operate flights from Bangalore to Kathmandu with a stopover in Delhi or Bombay.

How to reach Muktinath Temple from India?

Drive or take a flight to Kathmandu from several locations in India. Depending on how much time you have and how many days you wish to spend in Nepal, we will design your tour once you arrive in Kathmandu. Additionally, if you have a specific destination in mind, we may assist you in visiting it.

Do I need to take a flight to Muktinath from Kathmandu?

No, not always. However, choosing a flight would be the best option if you desire a convenient mode of transportation. Taking a helicopter from Kathmandu to Muktinath is also a great option if you want to travel there quickly and hassle-free.

What are some of the major things to do in Nepal?

A lovely country with breathtaking mountain landscapes in Nepal. You might add a few more excursions to your plan to experience the country's many areas. There are also several adventure activities available in the Pokhara Valley. For more information on what you can do in this area, go to Things to Do in Nepal.

Would you like to book an activity or a trip with us?

Get in touch with our experts right away and finalize an experience!

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