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Muktinath Tour Packages from Hyderabad is one of the most sought-after tour packages from India. Mostly Indian nationals travel from Hyderabad of India to Nepal in a quest to fulfill their pilgrimage needs of Pashupatinath and Muktinath Temple.

If you're eager to plan a trip to Nepal, but just don't know where exactly you should go, or what could be the best way of travelling there, then we are the perfect Nepal best government-accredited tour agency working on to make your travel plan easier. For your Muktinath Tour Package from Hyderabad, we’d make your perfect travel companion with the finest plan curated.

Muktinath is one of the most famous Hindu temples and sacred pilgrimage sites in the world. This temple is considered to be a special place for Buddhists too. It is a sacred site situated at an altitude of 3,710 meters in the Mustang region of Nepal. Muktinath is one of the most important sites in Hinduism and also one of the most revered places in Buddhism. It is very popular with pilgrims and tourists, especially during autumn and spring.

Highlights of the Muktinath Tour Package

  • Spectacular scenic beauty. 

  • Cultural and natural attractions in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Jomsom. 

  • Greatest pilgrimage of Muktinath and Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. 

  • Cultural attractions and artifacts of Jomsom and Muktinath. 

  • Explore a wide range of experiences in the streets of Kathmandu. 

  • Thakali culture in Mustang. 

  • Kaligandaki river valley. 

In Sanskrit, Muktinath means "god of salvation and liberation". It is revered for its religious significance and astounding Himalayan experience. Many pilgrims mark the place for religious reasons while some visitors just trek to the Jomsom and Thorong La and take a quick peek into the temple as part of the additional plan. Muktinath Tour Package encompasses a visit to notable pilgrimage sites and cultural centers in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Mustang.

At a height of 3,800 meters in the Mustang area of Nepal, Muktinath is a revered secret shrine for both Buddhists and Hindus. Muktinath is also well-known for being a "Mukti Kshetra," which is Sanskrit for ‘place of liberation. From numerous Indian states, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, as well as trekkers from Europe and the United States, Nepal receive thousands of pilgrims each year.

Some of the major attractions to explore in Muktinath are Mukti Kunda, Jwala Mai Temple, Mukti Dhara, Shaligram, Mharme Lha Khang Gompa and many other shrines in the surroundings. Also, the wonderful arid ambience of the Muktinath area is also a major attraction to seek for in the Muktinath Tour Package.

Muktinath Facts

Trip Name

Muktinath Tour Package from Hyderabad


5-10 Days

Highest Elevation

3710 M

Trip Mode



Hinduism and Buddhism


Mustang, Nepal


Muktinath, Padmasamvaba





Construction Style

3 Tiered Pagoda Style

Opening Time

7 AM to 11 AM Morning,2 PM to 5 PM Evening.


Local Lodges

Permits required


Permit Fee

INR 800

Accessible via

Land and Air Route

Flight Route

Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara

Land Route

Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara

Helicopter Route


Distance from Jomsom

23 KM

Drive duration from Jomsom

1 Hour 30 Mins. 

Distance from Pokhara`

180 KM

Drive duration from Pokhara

10-12 Hours

Best Time to Visit

Spring and Autumn

Where is Muktinath Temple?

The Pagoda-style Muktinath temple serves as a metaphor for how Hindu and Buddhist beliefs coexist harmoniously. According to Hindu mythology, this is where Lord Bishnu found deliverance from the curse of Brinda. As a result, he is revered as Muktinath (lit. the lord of salvation). Hindu worshipers bathe in the 108 waterspouts that are located behind the temple, where the water is ice-cold. Buddhists revere Bishnu as Avalokiteshvara. The temple features metal statues of the gods Bishnu, Laxmi, Saraswati, Janaki, and Garuda.

Muktinath is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Muktinath Valley, Mustang District of Nepal. This valley has religious importance for both Hindus and Buddhists. Muktinath Temple is one of the Shakti peethas and a place where salvation and liberation are destined. The Muktinath Temple is in Mustang District. It lies in the Annapurna Conservation Area, 24 kilometers northeast of Jomsom, 200 kilometers from Pokhara, and 406 kilometers from Kathmandu.

Best Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal is a landlocked nation bordered by China in the north and India in the south. Nepal’s diverse terrain ranges from lush tropical rain forest to arid grasslands, but being so near to the Himalayan mountains makes for an area with abundant natural beauty.

The country itself is a rich tapestry of different cultures and religions, something you’ll notice when you visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Religious harmony is equally prevalent in this country which you can apparently observe in Muktinath, as it is the symbiosis of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Also, the tour packages in Nepal are best designed to facilitate the visitors with their needs, taking into mind the meticulous details.

The best thing to do is to go on a tour package to Nepal which will help you get the most out of your trip. Such as Muktinath Tour Package from Hyderabad. Enter Nepal, landlocked between the Tibetan Plateau and the Indian subcontinent. You'll be weak at the knees for its wondrous natural beauty, its temples and palaces, and its pure and simple inhabitants. Come explore with us in our Nepal tour package.

Best time to visit Muktinath Temple

The spring and fall seasons are ideal for visiting Muktinath Temple. But anyone can go there at any time of the year. The spring months in Nepal are March, April, and May. The excursion is rewarding at this time of year because of the blooming plants and flowers and the variety of flora and fauna. Aside from the sacred Muktikshetra, temperate temperatures, calm weather, and a clear sky enable you to explore a variety of Himalayan landscapes.

Autumn in Nepal occurs in the months of September, October, and November. You can explore the mountains' vibrant spectrums during these months. Due to its trans-Himalayan location, the majority of the Mustang stays desert; yet, the temperature is moderate, visibility is good thanks to the clear sky, and the weather is consistent. Therefore, going during these months would be wise.

Muktinath Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Indian pilgrims can easily travel to Muktinath with the help of well-designed Hyderabad tour packages. The journey is primarily focused on the Muktinath temple's most important pilgrimage. While on the journey, you will also have the chance to see a number of sacred locations, such as Pashupatinath in Kathmandu and other natural attractions in the Pokhara valley. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most popular Muktinath tour packages from Hyderabad.

Muktinath Helicopter Tour From Kathmandu

You may travel in style and with ease to the breathtaking Muktinath Temple with the Muktinath Tour by Helicopter. You will see the Muktinath temple in the mustang region as well as a number of locations in the Kathmandu valley on this trip. The two most important pilgrimage sites in Nepal, the Pashupatinath and Muktinath temples, are the tour's major attractions. These two temples are of great religious significance.

The primary goal of the Muktinath Tour by Helicopter is to provide a rapid overview of the pilgrimages. On the same day that you arrive in Nepal, you will be taken to your accommodation and, if you have time in the evening, you can visit the Pashupatinath temple. The Pashupati visit, however, will be scheduled for the following day if you are late. You'll travel to the Muktinath temple by helicopter the following day from Kathmandu. The journey takes four hours in total. You will stroll about the Muktinath temple and nearby scenery in the meantime. You can go to the Pashupatinath temple in the evening. You will be taken to the airport for your final departure after the excursion.

Muktinath Tour Package by Helicopter Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival, Pashupati visit. 

Day 2: Kathmandu to Muktinath and return by Helicopter

Day 3: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive

One of the convenient and time-efficient ways to travel to the Muktinath temple is by plane. You will visit the temple on the journey and take in some of Kathmandu and the Pokhara Valley's sights. In addition to visiting the Muktinath temple, you will also go to the Pashupatinath temple, which is a major site of pilgrimage. Visit Muktinath Tour Package by Flight for more details on the trip.

Muktinath Tour Package by Flight Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Fly to Pokhara

Day 3: Fly to Jomsom, Drive to Muktinath

Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara, Pokhara Sightseeing

Day 5: Fly back to Kathmandu, Kathmandu Sightseeing

Day 6: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight

Another travel package that brings you to the Muktinath temple is the Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight. This tour includes both the aeroplane and the drive. You will take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom to get to Muktinath after driving from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Because the Jomsom road portion is a bit challenging and off-road, the aircraft option is practical and gets you there in less than 30 minutes. Below is the package's itinerary for your reference. Visit Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight for more information.

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara (210 KM)

Day 3: Fly to Jomsom (Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Drive to Muktinath

Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara(Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Pokhara Sightseeing

Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu, visit Manakamana Temple

Day 6: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive

Driving to the Muktinath temple in Nepal is an exciting, beautiful, and practical trip option. The itinerary includes a number of sightseeing excursions both in the Pokhara Valley and the Kathmandu Valley. One of the main highlights of the trip is driving around the mountains and admiring their magnificence. Below is a summary of the package's itinerary for your reference. Visit Muktinath Tour Package by Drive for details.

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2 Kathmandu Sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara (210 KM)

Day 3: Drive to Muktinath, Back to Jomsom

Day 4: Drive from Jomsom to Pokhara

Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu

Day 6: Departure 

Explore Nepal on your own time, at your own pace. Learn about Nepali culture and history as you wander through the ancient streets of Kathmandu. Peruse traditional markets with essentials like rice, vegetables, and spices or explore one of Kathmandu's bustling outdoor bazaars.

Nepal has something for everyone from the adventurous to those looking for a relaxing vacation - and it's all waiting for you! There are many ways to experience this amazing country, depending on what you're looking for. You can introduce the locals to their heritage with a trip to an art gallery or monastery. You can explore hidden temples or nightclubs in Thamel, or you can simply marvel at the breathtaking views offered by Nepal's lofty mountains.

How to Book Nepal  Tour Packages from Hyderabad?

It's simple to arrange a Muktinath tour package from Hyderabad. You need to make a few clicks to make the reservation. You can either choose a pre-tailored plan for the Muktinath visit or let us know your preferred time and schedule. We will process the itinerary and offer you the best travel arrangement after fully comprehending your requirements. We ask for an upfront payment of INR 10,000 per person for reservations. Following that, we'll start making the hotel and transportation arrangements.

Get a Muktinath Tour Package from Hyderabad: Request a Quote

At First

Decide your preferred time, date, and type of tour that you want to experience in Nepal. 

Second Step

Call, Email or WhatsApp us with your decided tour plan, date, time and name information. 

Third Step

Our correspondents will reach out to you to discuss your requirements. At that time, we will help you eliminate your curiosity and queries. Similarly, we will let you know the relevant information about the trip plan. 

Fourth Step

For reservation, we need your full name along with an advance amount of INR 10,000 or USD 100 Per Person. After reservation, you need to pay the remaining balance after arriving in Nepal. After your payments, we’ll provide you with a payment receipt for your due reference. After receiving payment, we’ll process the reservation of hotels, transportation and other amenities.


After you arrive in Nepal, our company representative will meet you at the hotel to discuss the plan again. During that time, the due amount will be collected.

Travelers Also Ask

Here are a few of the crucial questions that are usually asked before traveling to Nepal. If you have any questions, you may get quick answers by contacting our knowledgeable correspondent.

How to reach Nepal from Hyderabad?

Flights to Kathmandu are available from Hyderabad on Indigo, Vistara, and AirIndia, with a stopover in Delhi. Flying is the most acceptable and practical way to go to Nepal. When you arrive in Nepal, a representative from our office will pick you up at the airport. Transferring you to the hotel is scheduled. Once more, our representative will meet you at the hotel and give you a rundown of the schedule. If there is any balance owing, it will be collected during the briefing.

Is visiting Nepal worth it?

Nepal is a country worth visiting if you enjoy exploring diverse cultures, adventurous travel, and delicious cuisine. It is also a wonderful hub for pilgrimage activities. Due to its marvelous scenery and incredible natural landscapes, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to explore.

Are there direct flights from Hyderabad to Kathmandu?

No, there are no direct flights from Hyderabad to Kathmandu. However, different airlines operate flights to Kathmandu via a stopover in Delhi.

How to reach Muktinath Temple from India?

Take a flight, or drive to Kathmandu from different parts of India. After coming to Kathmandu, we shall plan your trip, depending on the time you have and the days you want to spend in Nepal. Also, if you have any specific destination plan in mind, then we’ll help you visit those places.

Do I need to take a flight to Muktinath from Kathmandu?

Not necessarily. However, if you want a convenient travel option, then flight would be the choice to make. Also, if you want to visit Muktinath quickly and without any hassle, taking a helicopter from Kathmandu is a great way.

Where is Pokhara?

Pokhara is in the western part of Kathmandu. It is about 200 Km away from the Kathmandu valley. If you are visiting Muktinath, you need to be in Pokhara to take a drive or a flight to Mustang and Muktinath.

What are some of the major things to do in Nepal?

Nepal is a magnificent nation with stunning mountain scenery. To explore different regions of the nation, you might include a number of additional excursions in your itinerary. The Pokhara valley offers a variety of adventure activities as well. Visit Things to Do in Nepal for additional details on what you can do here.

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