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Partner with us

Partner with us

We, Holidays to Nepal, are a premium travel company operating tours and trekking activities in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Holidays to Nepal has always believed in establishing long-term partnerships with its business associates and clients. We believe that the strength of a company lies in the strength of its relationships with customers, partners, employees, vendors and stakeholders.

Our Partnership Programs have been designed to enable you to expand your business and increase its profitability, regardless of its current size. We can help you leverage new revenue streams by providing a broader range of services. We will also provide you with adequate sales support which will help speed up your sales cycles. With Holiday to Nepal as your partner, you can not only enhance your delivery capacity but also reduce costs which in-turn would make you more competitive in your local market.

We can work on mutual agreement as a business partner. If you are offering services in other nation than Nepal, we as an outbound supplier, we'll provide assorted businesses. And we also expect your business companionship as an inbound operator. For non-travel companies and corporate organizations, we have multiple schemes for travel assistance in Nepal. 

We’ve been operating outbound and Inbound tours from Nepal and specializes on trekking and tour operations. Being in the travel industry since 2013, we are offering diverse travel solutions while fulfilling the travel demands. We believe in the revolutionary era of this twenty-first century, the globalization of the services is mandatory. Furthermore, especially in the travel process, it connects the world for better. To make the travel procedure more reliable and convenient, it is important to sculpt the tourism industry through business. For that, we appeal the tourism enterprises worldwide to connect with us. 

The tour and trekking should never be hectic as it is a designated leisure time of an individual. With this mindset, we work with ethics and responsibility. We are B2B and DMC travel agent based in Nepal and working as a complete travel solution for decades. What makes us unique is we believe in responsible, sustainable and experiential tourism. The current trend of having a convenient and conventional travel demand is our concern. The individualistic perspectives of having a smooth and lifetime experience is very important and it is what we offer. 

We also offer MICE tourism in Nepal. The concept of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events is also a major part of this area. We care about small things that are actually important such as hotels, transportations and amenities that are directly connected to the individual's experience. 

B2B and DMC Partnership 

Holidays to Nepal offers a special connection for tourism businesses worldwide. We are leading B2B and DMC agent based on Nepal and providing inbound and outbound tours and trekking services. The accountability towards a client is our prior concern while making tours and trekking packages. The guests’ satisfaction is our major motto and an important part of travel service. We’ve special tariffs for travel companies to make a win-win situation. The perishable things are very sensitive and for that, it is vital to choose a business partner to complete it.

We’ve introduced ourselves as a Destination Management Company in Nepal. According to the need and interest, we try to manage the destination with years-long expertise to provide the best possible services. We provide logistics arrangement, hotel, transportation, activities, restaurants and excursion, themed events, conference venues and any other needs of our clients. 

Together, we grow

We believe in growing together. With the team of young tourism professionals and experts, we’ve been into this industry for years and that’s a very good measure of our excellence. For our business partners, we’ve special tariffs, and feasible in other regards. The quality-based assessment of needs and dissemination of task to the individuals involved is a very good practice that proved us to be better and better. The business should be a smooth process and it is necessary to get obliged for both the parties. In mutual agreement and understanding, we’ll arrange the supply of demands. Let’s create a win-win situation for global linkage and business essentials. 

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