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One can explore several museums in Pokhara. Pokhara is the city of beauty. The spectacular and wonderful views of Natural places are situated in this city. Besides the natural beauty and activities in Pokhara, some museums play an important role to show the different features of this region. Some of the popular museums in Pokhara city are shown here.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

The Gurkha memorial museum is situated nearby Mahendra Pul, Pokhara. This museum covers history from the 19th century and two world wars to current day peacekeeping missions and disputes. It also displays the Gurkhas who have been awarded the Victoria Cross Medal. It also focuses on the history of the British Gurkha Army and Indian Army. The sound and colored light and picturesque hundreds of photographs of different campaigns of Gurkhas who took part in and their regimental life. The display of Gurkha’s uniform, items they used and medals they won is also wonderful and shows a unique history associated with Nepal. It was incepted in 1994 after a grand reception of 7 Gurkha Victoria Cross winners that was held in Nepal with primary aim to maintain the record of Gurkha bravery. Entrance charge is applicable in this museum. For Non-Nepali: Rs 200, SAARC member: Rs 100, Nepali: Rs 30.

International Mountaineering Museum

The International Mountaineering museum is a popular museum in Pokhara. It is established under the influence of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) with an aim to provide visitors with in-depth knowledge of the development and the condition of the Mountains, Himalayas and rural beauty of Nepal. The museum was inaugurated in 2002 AD by Everest summiteers Junko Tabei from Japan and Appa Sherpa from Nepal. It is built on 12.6 acres of land and has a display area of 4200 sq. /m. For public entry, this museum was opened on February 5, 2004. This museum has four main exhibition halls with 12 sub-division halls.

The main aim of this museum is to record, monitor, and document the past and present mountain conditions and mountain-related activities. This is the must-visit museum for adventure admirers and people pursuing mountaineering activities in Nepal. Entrance fees are applicable in this museum. For foreigners Rs. 500, SAARC Nationals Rs. 250 and Nepali Rs 50 Nepali rupees are applicable in this museum.

Annapurna Butterfly Museum

This museum is established to showcase biodiversity and animals. There is also a huge collection of mountain butterflies all over the world. A total of 70 plants and 150 birds from the Annapurna region are put on display there. Since it is hard to preserve the animals and their natural facts, this museum has some cemented and wood structures to show the biodiversity of the Mountains. Around 660 species of butterflies from Nepal are represented in this museum. The butterflies found in Annapurna region are shown in different charts and in contrast to the same species of butterflies found in the Palearctic region are also shown for comparison. If you are seeking a museum to observe the butterflies and other bio species, this museum is a great place to visit in Pokhara. This museum is free to visit.

Pokhara Regional Museum

This museum is situated near Mahendra Pul, Pokhara. It is devoted to the festival celebrations, culture, and traditions of Pokhara valley. It also showcases the mystical Shamanic beliefs of the original inhabitants of Pokhara Valley. The different practices of the inhabitants of Pokhara City are shown in this museum. The late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev inaugurated this museum in 1985. Nepal's maps and trekking maps of various ranges of routes are shown in this museum. To understand about the native culture, tradition, and religious practices of Pokhara’s indigenous people, this is a great place to visit in Pokhara Valley. The entry fee of 100 NPR is applicable for foreigners here.

Museums play a vital role, apart from the living beauty, to show the historical aspect and conditions of particular places and things. Museums in Pokhara are very interesting and important to understand the history, culture, traditions, existence, and changes.

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