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Planning to travel to Nepal from Mumbai? If so, you have landed on the right article that will provide you with all the information you need before visiting Nepal. We offer the best possible Nepal tour package from Mumbai with a direct trip booking facility by a leading tour operator from Nepal. This article will explore the location and major attractions of the best places to plan a trip to Nepal and several packages for your reference. Also, you will get an estimate of the travel plan regarding the cost of travel and some other activities you can do in Nepal.

Nepal, a neighboring country of India lies north of India. Gigantic India borders Nepal in three territories, i.e. in the southern, eastern, and western belts. This beautiful country has been a top choice for Indian travelers as this country boasts a wide range of adventure, nature, and pilgrimage importance and many people want to explore the incredible resources.

If you are traveling from Mumbai, we have various packages that will quench your thirst for visiting Nepal. We offer a Nepal tour package from Mumbai which can be customized as per your need and preference and further assistance during the travel period will be governed by us to make your trip hassle-free, time and cost-efficient, and full of enjoyment.

Where is Nepal?

Wondering about the location of Nepal? It’s one of the closest countries to India and has ties of culture and religion. This country’s geography is mostly dominated by Mountains and the Himalayas, thus providing an incredible mountain experience to travelers. There are many things to do in Nepal. Apart from the religious merits and pilgrimage importance, this country also offers amazing adventure and leisure experiences. If you planning to travel with friends and family from Mumbai, we’ve customized various packages that perfectly suit you and provide an unforgettable experience in the beautiful mountain arena.

There are various Nepal tour packages from Mumbai. If you are willing to explore the adventure, we have various adventure options in the beautiful Pokhara city and outskirts. The pilgrimage importance of Nepal is equally high. The population of the country mostly follows the Hindu religion and it has been a top choice of religious significance. Major places of Hindu and Buddhist religious significance such as Pashupatinath Temple, Muktinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple, Lumbini, etc. are situated in this country.

There are many destinations that are worth exploring in this country. Enriched in high natural resources, this country is home to 8 out of 14 eight thousanders mountains in the world. The river streams, high-altitude lakes, wetlands, and mountain glaciers are some other adventure beauties to explore in Nepal. 

Trekking and tour activities are popular in Nepal. Some major trekking areas of Nepal are Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, and Western and Eastern Nepal. All these areas are enriched with some offbeat and some popular mountains with more than 200 trekking trails.

The real beauty of Nepal can be explored with tours and trekking activities. Sightseeing some of the prominent cultural and historical destinations and visiting different places in Nepal would surely make your trip successful and a memorable experience.

Nepal is an incredible destination that observes thousands of visitors every month. From all over the world, people come to Nepal to explore the mountains, culture, and rich historical artifacts. If you are planning to travel from India, especially, Mumbai, there is a direct flight connection that will take you to Kathmandu Airport, which is also known as Tribhuvan International Airport.

Direct air access to Nepal is provided by several airlines. Indigo and Nepal Airlines are operating a direct flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport of Mumbai to Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal. Some other airlines such as Vistara, AirIndia and Indigo are also offering flights to Kathmandu with a stop in Delhi.

Nepal Tour Package from Mumbai is easily accessible as you will be exploring the beautiful country with direct airway access to Kathmandu and there’s no hassle in the arrangement of the plan. The packages are well-tailored and made especially for Indian travelers, however, an option of customization makes the trip more fruitful as you can plan your own itinerary with the help of our professional correspondent.

In addition to that, there are other ways to visit Nepal as well. The roadway is also there, but it will put a strain on the travel experience due to long exhausting hours of drive. So, we do not recommend you take the drive option from Mumbai to visit Nepal.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the country’s exotic beauty via the airways. The aerial views of the Himalayas begin right before you enter the air space of the country. This makes the trip more amazing than traveling to any other destination around the world.

Best time to visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal from Mumbai depends on what kind of trip you want to do in Nepal. For trekking activities, visiting Nepal in Autumn and Spring would be fruitful. However, any time of the year is suitable for small hiking and trekking activities.

For a tour, any time of the year is suitable. However, in extreme monsoons and winter, the roads in the mountains may get blocked due to landslides and snowfalls. In such cases, a weather forecasting tool can be used as a measure to minimize the risk of getting stuck.

Adventure and pilgrimage activities can be done at any time of the year. Nepal is always open to tourist activities and we’ve been organizing such for many years.

If you are planning to visit Nepal from Mumbai, you can request a tour via our call to action or email. Our correspondent will swiftly contact you to know more about your tour preferences and help you plan the trip. All information you need, regarding the place, weather, and climate, will be provided by our well-informed correspondent.

3 Nepal Tour Package Itineraries from Mumbai

We’ve designed many tour packages from India to Nepal. In fact, it is one of the main tourist arrival countries from where thousands of people come to Nepal to explore the pilgrimage and adventure activities. If you are planning to Nepal from Mumbai for a tour, you can directly contact us for the information. Some tour packages to Nepal are outlined here for your reference.

6 Days Nepal Tour Package

This tour package lets you explore the exquisite Nagarkot, Kathmandu, and Pokhara valleys. These places are prominent travel destinations around the country and you can enjoy a wide range of activities in these places.

6 Days Nepal Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival, Drive to Nagarkot.

Day 2: Drive to Pokhara.

Day 3: Visit Sarangkot and Pokhara Sightseeing.

Day 4: Drive to Kathmandu.

Day 5: Kathmandu Sightseeing. (Full Day)

Day 6: Transfer to Airport.

For More Details: Visit 6 Days Nepal Tour Package

9 Days Nepal Tour Package

This 9 days Nepal tour package allows you to explore a wide range of activities. In this tour, you will be visiting three prominent destinations of Nepal: Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. You can explore the cultural and natural beauty in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Whereas, you can explore the wildlife of Chitwan National Park in Chitwan.

9 Days Nepal Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival.

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing. (Full Day)

Day 3: Drive to Pokhara (210 KM, Approx. 6-7 hours drive)

Day 4: Sunrise view from Sarangkot and Pokhara Sightseeing. (Half Day)

Day 5: Drive to Chitwan. 

Day 6: Jungle Safari Activities. (Full Day)

Day 7: Drive back to Nagarkot via Kathmandu.

Day 8: Bhaktapur and Patan Sightseeing

Day 9: Transfer to Airport. 

For More Details: visit 9 Days Nepal Tour Package

Muktinath Tour Package from Mumbai

This package is best suitable for people who are traveling from Mumbai to explore the pilgrimage of Muktinath temple. The tour package includes a drive to Pokhara and a flight to Jomsom. It is perfectly suitable for any age group willing to explore the Muktinath temple in the Mustang of Nepal.

6 Days Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara (210 KM)

Day 3: Fly to Jomsom (Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Drive to Muktinath

Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara(Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Pokhara Sightseeing

Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu, visit Manakamana Temple

Day 6: Departure

For More Details: Muktinath Tour Package from Mumbai

Booking a trip with US

Booking a trip to Nepal with us is convenient. You can book a trip to Nepal and explore its authentic beauty. You can follow the below-mentioned procedure to book a trip to Nepal. If you require any reference in your locality, there are many people who have traveled with us from Maharastra, Mumbai. So, you can enquire about the experience of our past travelers with the travelers themselves.

Get a Nepal tour package from Mumbai : Request a Quote

At first:

Decide your preferred time, date, and type of tour that you want to experience in Nepal.

Second Step:

Call, Email, or WhatsApp us with your decided tour plan, date, time, and name information.

Third Step:

Our correspondents will reach out to you to discuss your requirements. At that time, we will help you eliminate your curiosity and queries. Similarly, we will let you know the relevant information about the trip plan.

Fourth Step

For reservation, we need your full name along with an advance amount of INR 10,000 Per Person. After reservation, you need to pay the remaining balance after arriving in Nepal. After your payments, we’ll provide you with a payment receipt for your due reference. After receiving payment, we’ll process the reservation of hotels, transportation and other amenities.


After you arrive in Nepal, our company representative will meet you at the hotel to discuss the plan again. During that time, the due amount will be collected.


How to reach Nepal from Mumbai?

There are flight options accessible from Mumbai airport to Kathmandu. You can take a direct flight to Kathmandu on Indigo or Nepal Airlines. Also, Vistara, Indigo and Air India offer flight services from Mumbai with a stop at Delhi Airport.

What can I do in Nepal?

Nepal is an adventure, nature and pilgrimage-based destination. It is mostly mountainous and you can explore the authenticity of the mountains. Besides that, there are a lot of activities that you can do in Nepal. Some of the major activities in Nepal are Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Jungle Safaris, Mountain flight and many more. For detailed information, visit Things to do in Nepal.

Is Nepal safe to visit?

Yes, Nepal is a quite safe and hospitable country. The people of Nepal respect the guests and provide services and amenities in a hospitable manner. If you are visiting Nepal, you don't have to get worried about safety issues. However, having an emergency contact number and informing your trip organizer in case of uncertainties will help you in the smooth operation of the travel plan.

Can I make my plan myself?

Yes, surely you can. You can make your own plan and we do believe in customization of travel plans. It helps you to plan according to your preference. Our professional correspondents will help you prepare an itinerary according to your preferences.

Would you like to book an activity or a trip with us?

Get in touch with our experts right away and finalize an experience!

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