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Pure Veg Restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara

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If you are looking for pure vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara valley, this article might be useful to you. In the twenty-first century, many people, day by day, are becoming health conscious and because of the good impact of veg meals on health, people are seeking veg options. We tried a little to figure out some of the pure vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the main cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Nepal is an ethnically and culturally diverse country. The ethnic cuisine selections and culture people follow here are unique. Some people eat vegetarian food or some prefer meat products as well. Purely vegetarian restaurants are very rare because of their less demand. 

However, for vegetarians, there are some restaurants that only offer vegetarian meals. There are many restaurants offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals but very few restaurants offer only vegetarian meals. We’ve enlisted here some of the restaurants that only offer vegetarian meals. The veg meals are quite familiar with Nepalese Hindu Society, so you may get plenty of meal selection in Nepal. Some of the major pure vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara are discussed here. 

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

The Sarangi vegetarian restaurant, situated in Thamel, is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in town. It offers a wide variety of veg meals according to the customers' demand and choices. Being a vegetarian restaurant, this is also a great option for vegans as well. This restaurant offers Nepali Dal Bhat, biryani, salads, hummus, cheese nachos and various types of other vegetarian meals. As the name itself suggests, it also offers traditional live music. It also offers vegan items. This place is ideal for a great vegetarian meal selection in a soothing environment.

Happiness Vegetarian Restaurant

Situated in Boudhanath, this is a great option for vegetarian food lovers. The fusion of Nepali, Chinese and continental cuisines is available here. You can visit this restaurant for the great vegetarian and vegan items near Boudhanath. It will be a good selection for pure veg items around Boudhanath. There is also a guest house offering fine dining and stay.

Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant

The Loving heart vegan restaurant is in the Thamel tourist market, Z street. It started with a theme of health awareness and animal rights to offer a great standard of vegan food experience. This is also the first vegan restaurant in Nepal to offer a wide variety of vegan foods. It was established with an aim to provide the vegan experience and aid animal welfare. If you are seeking a pure vegan restaurant in Kathmandu, this is a great option for vegan meals.

Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant

Aniyor Veg and vegan restaurant is situated in Thamel. It offers the great varieties of veg and vegan options to serve the people of respective interest. If you want to experience the good veg and vegan dining in the heart of Kathmandu city, you must visit this restaurant. It is an Indian specialized restaurant and an ideal selection for Indian veg and vegan options.

Aangan Sweets

Aangan Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the popular chain restaurants in Nepal. It is renowned for its diverse vegetarian item selections and chain business in Kathmandu city and Pokhara. Pashupati Foods is the operator of Aangan restaurant, offering the speciality of sweets and snacks. Established in 1992, Angan was just a traditional sweets, chat, fast food and bakery store. However, eventually it  managed to carry its speciality leading towards the chain restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara. For its great traditional taste and authenticity, it is popular for offering veg items.

Rameshwaram Sweets

Rameshwaram is a popular sweets restaurant in Kathmandu. It offers varieties of sweets and snacks. It is also a chain restaurant offering traditional Indian veg sweets and Indian cuisine. It has many branches in Kathmandu. Rameshwaram has good specialization in sweet and snacks items. Its outlets are also available via Foodmandu, Nepal’s leading food website, gaining wide popularity across the Kathmandu valley.

Anmol Sweets

This restaurant is Part of an Indian restaurant chain, serving North and South Indian dishes, snacks and sweets. It also offers vegan items upon request. It is a popular vegetarian brand in Nepal offering varieties of sweets, snacks and Indian cuisine. For a good vegetarian sweets and snacks restaurant in Kathmandu, this restaurant is a great option offering great dining.

Bodhi Garden Vegetarian Restaurants

It is a vegetarian eatery serving curry noodles, Thai fried rice, Nasi Lemak and other Malaysian Chinese style dishes. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant in Kathmandu. The wide selection it has makes it a popular vegetarian restaurant brand in Nepal. It also offers vegan items upon request. So, if you are vegetarian or vegan, it is a great place for dining.

Dragon Guest House Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a guest house where a vegetarian restaurant can be found. It offers lodging and fooding facilities. It is situated in Boudha, Mahakal. Being round the sightseeing site, this is a great place for vegetarian fooding facilities. It has a wide vegetarian food selection and can provide vegan friendly foods as well.


This is a vegetarian restaurant situated in Putalisadak area. It offers wide varieties of vegetarian food selection with nice dining facilities. This is a place with good ambience along with great vegetarian meals. If you are planning  to have vegetarian dining in Putalisadak area, it will be your ideal choice.

Pokhara is another major tourist city of Nepal. It is popular for its great views of Himalayas and astounding landscapes and adventurous activities. If you are in Pokhara and want to explore vegetarian restaurants, you can choose an option from the below enlisted restaurants.

Tara’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Tara’s restaurant, situated in Pokhara city, offers varieties of veg items. This is a specialized restaurant for vegetarian meals. If you are seeking for vegetarian Breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch, this place is an ideal selection in Pokhara city. The space is small but a great meal makes it popular among vegetarians in Pokhara city.

New Marwadi Restaurant

This restaurant is situated around a lakeside in Pokhara city. This is an Indian specialized vegetarian restaurant. It offers varieties of north Indian meals and veg items. This is situated in the convenient location so as to give the best service for vegetarian aspirants. If you want to have good veg dining around the lakeside, this is a great option.

Aangan Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in Pokhara. It is the chain restaurant associated with Kathmandu restaurants. It offers varieties of meals in a good settlement. Aangan offers traditional sweets and snacks, and Indian cuisine. It is a great place to visit for vegetarian meals in Pokhara city.

Ayurvedico Cafe

This is also a vegetarian restaurant in Pokhara city. It offers diverse cuisine selections which includes Lacto, Ovo, Japanese, Organic, Raw, Juice bar, Take-out, Bakery, Fusion, Honey and many more. It focuses on Ayurvedic and Healthy cooking and breakfast. lunch, sweets, almond and cashew milk and smoothies. This is a good restaurant to visit in Pokhara for tasty vegetarian food selections.

Gauri Shankar Vegetarian Cafe

This Cafe is at Gauri Shankar Guest House. It offers vegetarian snacks, soup and cakes, Nepali meals and many others. Cafe also has a library and a quaint garden that makes for a wonderful experience in a peaceful environment.  It is situated in Gaurishanker Marga, Lakeside. If you want to have amazing vegetarian dining in a peaceful environment, this place might be a good choice.

Deurali Mithai ‘n’ Snacks

This restaurant is situated in Chipledhunga, Mahendra pool, Pokhara. This has a lot of vegetarian dishes in a good environment. It offers soups, beverages, veg Momos, Chinese vegetarian items, Salads, North Indian items and many more. This place is good for your meal selection in Pokhara city.

Punjabi Restaurant

Punjabi restaurant is originally owned by an Indian national, offering Indian cuisines. Vegetarian items are available here. Vegan options are available here according to the preferences. This is a vegan-friendly restaurant offering Lacto, Ovo, Indian, Italian, Mexican cuisines.

Pourquoi Pas

It is a family-owned vegetarian restaurant in a local settlement with lakeside views in Pokhara. The restaurant serves healthy organic food and many vegan options such as yoga breakfast, veg Momos, Chow Mein, fruit salad, soups and teas. It is also a good option to have vegetarian dining in Pokhara city.

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