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South Indian Restaurants and Food in Kathmandu

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Indian restaurants in Kathmandu Valley. Especially for Indian travelers, Nepal is a destination with a lot of cultural conundrums and natural geographical settlements. The wonderful terrains with the unique blend of Plains, Mountains, and Himalayas, Nepal is a top choice for most of adventure enthusiasts. Indian visitors come to Nepal for adventure and religious values. The major concern for Indian visitors while visiting Nepal is whether Indian restaurants and food in Kathmandu are available or not. Especially for south Indian travelers, South Indian restaurants and food in Kathmandu are available.

Nepal is best suited for every kind of visitor. There are a lot of best South Indian restaurants in Kathmandu for South Indian travelers. The veg and vegan meal choices are available in almost every major urban settlement in Nepal. Since Nepalese and Indian cultures are somewhere tied and have a lot of similarities, the meal choices are easily available. Know more about some of the best South Indian restaurants in Kathmandu here.

Aangan Restaurant

Aangan is a proper and best South Indian restaurant in Kathmandu with high-standard amenities and services in town. Mainly specialized in Indian Meals, Aagan offers veg meals, Indian meals, south Indian meals, and varieties of meals on its menu. Aagan is the best choice for traditional sweets, Namkeen, and fast food with multiple branches in Kathmandu Valley. Their sweets and Namkeens are also available and some supermarkets and shops in Kathmandu Valley. Aagan serves North Indian meals, Chinese and Continental, South Indian sweets, and Namkeen Pastries/ cakes/ bread, brown bread, dry cake, muffin cookies, and baked snacks.

It has multiple branches in Kathmandu, and also in some of the urban cities such as Pokhara and Biratnagar. Aagan has five branches in Kathmandu. The Lazimpat, New Road, Putalisadak, Gyaneshwar, and Tripureshwar boast the Aagan branch serving the finest delicacies in Nepal.

Some of the popular picks of Aangan restaurants are Bengali sweets, Ghee sweets, khoya, premium sweets, bread, cookies, snacks, fast foods and meals, nankeens, and other sweets such as Jalebi, dry fruits, and some sugar-free selections.

Location: Lazimpat, Newroad, Putalisadak, Gyaneshwar, Tripureshwar, Pokhara, and Biratnagar.

Contact: +977-1-4411037, +977-1-4212502, +977-1-4441009

Aniyor Vegetarian Restaurant

For veg meal lovers, Aniyor Vegetarian Restaurant could be an ideal choice. Situated in the central tourist hub of Kathmandu-Thamel, this veg restaurant is widely popular for its wonderful veg meal choices. Some of the best meals they provide are Aniyor Special tandoori momo, Aniyor salad, Bread rolls, etc. They serve veg, vegan, and gluten-free food, and drinks in the spacious ambiance in Thamel. Aniyor vegetarian restaurant is situated nearby the A1 business complex, Thamel in Kathmandu.

The special Indian cuisine, vegan food and drinks, Jain food, and gluten-free meals make it a prominent veg restaurant. Also, Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, Buffet, Take-out, Catering, Nepalese food, and Indo-Chinese are some of the specialties of this restaurant. It is regarded as one of the best South Indian restaurants in Kathmandu.

Location: Thamel, Kathmandu, and Lakeside, Pokhara.

Contact: +977 9818887658

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu. The vegetarian and Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Indian, Western, Bakery, and Fusion meal selections make it a prominent eatery destination in Thamel. It's a social business contributing to society with some social changes in society. A certain amount from the business goes to the marginalized people in society with low economic sustainability.

This community restaurant in the tourist district of Thamel in Kathmandu is admired for its organic meal choices, serving the finest cuisine in Kathmandu Valley. It is located in Shiva Complex, Chaksibari Marga in Thamel.

Location: Shiva Complex, Thamel

Contact: +977-9813992602

New Satkar Vegetarian Restaurant

This New Satkar Vegetarian Restaurant also specializes in Vegetarian and vegan meal choices. Lacto and Indian cuisine is the main prior market of New Satkar Vegetarian Restaurant. Situated in the Thamel of Kathmandu, this restaurant is also serving better amenities and services with great vegetarian meal selections in Kathmandu Valley. If you are looking for some of the best Vegetarian Indian restaurants in Kathmandu, getting into this restaurant will be lucrative.

Location: Thamel Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu

Contact: +977-1-4267302

Kantipur Tandoori House

Kantipur Tandoori House is also an Indian meal-specialized restaurant in Kathmandu. It offers Indian, Asian, Nepali, and Bar cuisine and it has Vegetarian-Friendly and vegan Options available. Some of the major varieties of Kantipur Tandoori House are naan, curries, gazar, and Indian food with mouth-watering tastes. The great ambiance of the Kantipur Tandoori house attracts a lot of people. This could make a great Indian dining experience in Kathmandu.

Location: Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu

Contact: +977-985-1192705

Loving Heart Vegetarian Restaurant

The loving heart vegetarian restaurant also offers some cuisines with good ambiance and hospitality in the epicenter of the tourist hub in Kathmandu, Thamel. This restaurant offers Vegan, Pizza, Indian, International, Western, Fast food, Delivery, Take-out, Asian, Catering, Nepalese, Indo-Chinese, etc types of cuisine with mouth-watering taste. This restaurant is at Hotel Avatar in Thamel. Some of the delicacies offered here are seitan and mushroom kebabs, chili momo, vegetable pizza, pakora, and vegan burgers. This restaurant also caters to the group's needs and events as well.

Location: Z street, Thamel, Kathmandu

Contact: +977-981-3738956

Anmol Sweets

Anmol Sweets is also a part of an Indian Restaurant chain in Nepal. It specializes in North and South Indian meals and cuisine selection. This restaurant is vegan-friendly however, specialized in vegetarian meals. The dosa, Parotha, and many other Indian dishes are available at Anmol Sweets but as the name suggests various kinds of sweets and Indian cuisine with great taste make your dining experience better.

Lacto and Indian cuisine is great and at its best facilitates visitors with the finest dining in Kathmandu. It is located at Thirbam Sadak, Bhatbhateni Chowk in Kathmandu. The snacks and sweets here are popular and is a renowned vegetarian restaurant in Kathmandu. Also, it is one of the best South Indian restaurants in Kathmandu with some prominent features such as a wonderful ambiance and vegetarian and vegan meals.

Location: Bhatbhateni Chowk, Kathmandu

Contact: +977-1-4420689

Rameshwaram Sweets

Rameshwaram is also an Indian food chain in Kathmandu with multiple branches inside the valley. Mainly specializing in North and South Indian meals, Rameshwaram is one of the most popular restaurants for its wonderful dishes and sweet varieties. The spacious ambiance and hygienic surroundings make the dining experience perfect. The sweets and snacks here are mouth-watering, for which this restaurant gained popularity in Kathmandu.

Some of the meals available here are soups, salads, momos, noodles, rice, spring rolls, veg burgers, pizzas, chow mein, sandwiches, and Indian food. Its branches are located in New Baneshwor, New Road, and Battisputali Road.

Location: New Baneshwar, Battisputali, New Road

Contact: +977-1-4478997

Kolkata Sweets

Kolkata Sweets is also an Indian food chain in Kathmandu. It is in New Baneshwor. It is one of the most popular Indian eateries, mainly specializing in sweets and other dishes. The wonderful ambiance and mouth-watering taste of Indian cuisine are a popular parts of Kolkata sweets. Exclusive production according to upcoming festivals and events is also a major feature of this wonderful eatery.

The dining experience in Kolkata sweets matches the satisfaction of clients and is lucrative for Indian meal seekers. The varieties of sweets here make a better experience in the central hub of Kathmandu, New Baneshwar.

Location: New Baneshwar, Kathmandu

Contact: +977-1-4786364

Dudh Sagar Restaurant

Dudh Sagar restaurant is in Jamal, Kantipath. It is mainly popular for south Indian food and sweet items. The varieties of dosas and Idlis, Chutney, and Sambar, etc. are awesome here. Mouthwatering taste and hygienic meals are the best attributes that make this restaurant a popular choice. The wonderful hospitality and meal selections make this restaurant one of the best South Indian restaurants in Kathmandu Valley.

Location: Kantpath, Jamal, Kathmandu

Contact: 01-4232263

South Indian Food in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a popular destination for Indian visitors. Some of the best food in Kathmandu are among the south Indian meals. The South Indian food in Kathmandu is gaining popularity with the growing interest of Indian visitors in Nepal. Some of the best South Indian food in Kathmandu are as follows.

Idli Dosa Batter: Idli Dosa batter is a popular South Indian meal, made of Idli rice, urad dal, and some spices. It tastes great and has some health benefits as well. It is available in some of the Indian veg restaurants in Kathmandu.

Sambar: Sambar is also a popular south Indian food a lentil-based vegetable chowder. It is cooked with dal and Tamarind broth. Some the vegetables such as Okra, Moringa, carrot, Radish, Pumpkin, Potato, tomato, etc. are the major ingredients of Sambar. This has also huge health benefits and is available in some of the popular South Indian restaurants in Kathmandu. 

Chole Kulcha: Chole Kulcha is made from maida flour, water, and some spices. It is also a popular South Indian food. It is available in some of the Indian restaurants in Kathmandu. 

Uttapam: Uttapam is a popular veg south Indian meal. It is made with Bengal gram, raw rice, methi, thick Poha, and some spices. Uttapam is also available in some of the popular Indian veg restaurants in Kathmandu.

The Indian meal has always been a prominent choice of Indian visitors in Nepal. There are a lot of eateries in Kathmandu offering Indian cuisine and sweets. It is not hard to find the best Indian restaurant in Kathmandu. However, choosing one over others can be difficult in terms of quality. If you are in Kathmandu and want to try some Indian food, you can always pick one from the aforementioned restaurants. These are some of the best Indian meal specialized restaurants in the urban settlement of Kathmandu Valley

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