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Are you planning to travel anytime soon to Nepal and want to visit Muktinath from Chennai? Well, here’s detailed information on this glorious temple, ways to reach there, and every information you need about the temple. Muktinath Tour Package from Chennai caters to the need of traveling while the arrangements are made for your ease. The tour package to Muktinath is one of the most admired packages for pilgrimage trips to Nepal. Mostly Hindu pilgrims travel to this incredible destination in a quest for religious and spiritual gains.

Muktinath Tour Package from Chennai is designed to facilitate travelers and pilgrims with their needs in Nepal. The travel process is made easy with various options to get to the temple. The splendid beauty of Mustang and Muktinath temples is explored by thousands of Indian visitors every year. And we’ve been offering various Muktinath Tour Packages from India and serving them to our guests.

Hassle-free and convenient travel is our main aim and it is integrated by the coordination among various service providers, suppliers, locals, and travelers. It is further enhanced by our informed and experienced correspondents who continuously sculpt their skills and abilities to provide a memorable experience to our Muktinath tour doers from Chennai of India.

Muktinath Temple Facts

Temple Name

Muktinath Temple

For Buddhists

Chumig Gyatsa


Hinduism, Buddhism


Muktinath, Mustang District


3710 m. ASL


Lord Vishnu, Avalokitesvara

Construction Style

3 Tiered Pagoda Style

Opening Time

7 AM to 11 AM Morning,2 PM to 5 PM Evening.

Required Permit


Permit Fee

INR 800

Accessible via

Land and Air Route

Flight Route

Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara

Land Route

Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara

Distance from Jomsom

23 KM

Drive duration from Jomsom

1 Hour 30 Mins. 

Distance from Pokhara`

180 KM

Drive duration from Pokhara

10-12 Hours

Best time to visit

Spring (Mar-May),Autumn (Oct-Dec).

Muktinath Tour Package

Muktinath Tour Package is a combined and organized plan to reach Muktinath Valley. There are various tour packages with us. You can select the tour package that best fits you and let us know about your plan to visit the Muktinath temple. We will then arrange a plan, with a touch of customization (if any), and then operate your tour. We believe in making experiences better, so, we’ve handpicked hotels, suppliers, transportation services, and other amenities providers to work with.

The Muktinath tour package from Chennai is accessible. For that, you can take a flight to Kathmandu and then after your arrival in Nepal, we’ll process your entire plan. The tour package to Muktinath temple best fits our Indian pilgrims. Nevertheless, anybody from any part of the world can come to Nepal and enjoy our tour package to the temple. Since the temple area is in the high elevation zone and remote hilly settlement, the trip is adventurous and some trekking activities around Mustang can be added to the plan.

Muktinath Temple

The Muktinath temple is located at the foot of Thorong La Pass (5416 m.) in an arid settlement in the Mustang region of Nepal. The temple is a symbiosis of Hinduism and Buddhism as the temple is sacred to both religious followers. Hindu followers call it Muktinath, a place of Lord Vishnu, and Buddhists call it Chumig Gyatsa - Manifestation of Avalokitesvara.

Muktinath is situated at an elevation of 3710 m above sea level and offers a wonderful pilgrimage to visitors. Muktinath is considered a place of salvation and a visit to this temple is believed to liberate people from the sins and wrongdoings of the past. It is also believed to provide ‘moksha’ from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Devibhagwat Mahapuran, a Hindu holy epic states that Muktinath is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, and thus carry a huge religious significance. The Shakti Peethas are related to Shaivik traditions where Lord Shiva carried his consort’s remains in madness grieving around the world. In the process, the body parts of Sati Devi, his consort fell in different places with primordial cosmic activities, known by the name of Shakti Peetha. These places are sacred to Hindus.

While the epic of Shaktipeetha is prevalent there, it is also believed that from the curse of Brinda, Lord Vishnu got salvation here. The temple structure was erected here in the 19th century. Because of the religious significance that is connected with Lord Vishnu, the place is called a place of salvation and liberation. Many Saints and Meditators visit temples with the belief of getting rid of the earthly cycle of birth and rebirth.

This temple is sacred to Buddhists as it is believed that Guru Rimpoche, in his Padmasambhava epithet meditated here while he was on his way to Tibet. The Buddhist tradition considers it as a place of Dakinis, sky dancers, and one of the 24 Tantrik places.

Also, it is said to be the place where all the five elements of earth (fire, sky, water, air, and earth) are in one place. Despite being challenging, due to its huge religious significance, many travelers from around the world visit the Muktinath temple.

Where is Muktinath Temple?

Muktinath temple is located in the Mustang district of Nepal. It sits at an elevation of 3710 m above sea level. The natural settlement of the temple is also an amazing part of the trip that offers some surreal experiences. The arid valleys and beautiful atmosphere around the temple lure the pilgrims. The temple is known by the name of ‘Mukti Kshetra’ due to its legend with Lord Vishnu. It is also one of 108 Divya Desam and one of eight Svayam Vyakta Kshetras.

A golden statue of Lord Vishnu, some bronze images of Bhoodevi, garuda, goddess Saraswati and Janaki, Lava Kusha and Sapta Rishis are there in Muktinath temple. On the premises of the temple, there are 108 water faucets from which the water flows continuously.

Two ponds are there right before entering the temple. People take baths in these lakes and walk through the alley made to take bath in the water from faucets. The holy bath is believed to wash away the past sins of visitors who worship at the temple with soul and dedication.

How to reach Muktinath from Chennai?

Muktinath Tour is easily accessible from Chennai. Several airlines such as Vistara, Air India, and Indigo are operating flights to Kathmandu with a stop at Delhi Airport. Also, from Bangalore, you can get a direct flight to Kathmandu. From Chennai, get a drive to Bangalore, and take a flight to Kathmandu via Nepal Airlines will take you directly to Kathmandu.

After your arrival, the process for the Muktinath Tour Package from Chennai will start. From picking you up to assisting you in the travel process will be our responsibility. Any inconveniences thereafter during the time of travel will be taken into consideration promptly. We’ll try our utmost to arrange the plan in a smooth manner considering the factors that are in our control.

Best time to Visit Muktinath Temple

Every time is the best time for pilgrimage activities. Unless and until roads are blocked by landslides and heavy snow, Muktinath is easily accessible via drive and flight options. However, considering the climate and weather conditions, Spring and Autumn seasons are the best time to visit the temple. The Spring Season in Nepal starts in March and lasts until May. Whereas the months of October, November and December are the Autumn season. For more information on the time to visit the temple, visit Best Time to Visit Muktinath Temple.

Muktinath  Tour Packages from Chennai

Muktinath Tour Packages from Chennai are well-designed to facilitate Indian pilgrims. The tour mainly focuses on the greatest pilgrimage of Muktinath temple. Meanwhile, during the trip, you will also get an opportunity to explore several religious sites including Pashupatinath in Kathmandu and some natural sites in Pokhara valley. Some of the major Muktinath Tour Packages Itinerary from Chennai is provided below for your reference.

Muktinath Tour Package by Flight

The flight option to visit Muktinath is one of the time-efficient and convenient travel options to reach the Muktinath temple. During the trip, you will explore the temple and do some sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley. Also, besides the Muktinath temple, you will be visiting the major pilgrimage of Pashupatinath temple as well. The outline itinerary of the package is provided below. For more information on the trip, Visit Muktinath Tour Package by Flight.

Muktinath Tour Package by Flight Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Fly to Pokhara

Day 3: Fly to Jomsom, Drive to Muktinath

Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara, Pokhara Sightseeing

Day 5: Fly back to Kathmandu, Kathmandu Sightseeing

Day 6: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight is another tour package that takes you to the Muktinath temple. Drive and flight both are included in this trip. From Kathmandu to Pokhara, you will be travelling via drive and to reach Muktinath you will take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. Since, the Jomsom road segment is a little difficult and offroad, the flight option is convenient and takes you there within half an hour. The itinerary of the package is provided below for your reference. For detailed information, Visit Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight.

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive and Flight Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara (210 KM)

Day 3: Fly to Jomsom (Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Drive to Muktinath

Day 4: Fly back to Pokhara(Tara/Summit/Nepal Air), Pokhara Sightseeing

Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu, visit Manakamana Temple

Day 6: Departure

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive

Muktinath tour package by drive is adventurous, scenic and convenient travel option to reach Muktinath temple in Nepal. The trip includes several sightseeings in Kathmandu valley and several nature-based sightseeing in Pokhara valley. Driving around the mountains and exploring its beauty is one of the key attractions of the trip. An outline itinerary of the package is provided below for your reference.

Muktinath Tour Package by Drive Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu Arrival

Day 2 Kathmandu Full Day Sightseeing

Day 3: Drive to Pokhara, Manakamana on the way (210 KM)

Day 4: Drive to Muktinath

Day 5: Drive from Jomsom to Pokhara

Day 6: Drive back to Kathmandu

Day 7: Departure

How to Book Muktinath Tour Package

Booking a Muktinath Tour Package from Chennai is easy. You are just a few clicks away to book the trip. Let us know of your time and preferences or choose a pre-tailored plan for the Muktinath visit. After understanding your needs, we’ll process the itinerary and provide you with the best travel package that suits your preferences. For booking, we require an advance amount of INR 10,000 per person in advance. After that, we’ll begin processing the arrangements for the hotel and transportation services.

The utmost concern of the package is quality service and experience-based travel. So, not to worry, we’ll arrange the best travel plan for you. The booking process for the Muktinath Tour Package is integrated into the below table.

Get a Muktinath Tour Package from Chennai: Request a Quote

At First

Decide your preferred time, date and type of tour that you want to experience in Nepal. 

Second Step

Call, Email or WhatsApp us with your decided tour plan, date, time and name information.

Third Step

Our correspondents will reach out to you to discuss your requirements. At that time, we will help you eliminate your curiosity and queries. Similarly, we will let you know the relevant information about the trip plan.

Fourth Step

For reservation, we need your full name along with an advance amount of INR 10,000 Per Person. After reservation, you need to pay the remaining balance after arriving in Nepal. After your payments, we’ll provide you with a payment receipt for your due reference. After receiving payment, we’ll process the reservation of hotels, transportation and other amenities.


After you arrive in Nepal, our company representative will meet you at the hotel to discuss the plan again. During that time, the due amount will be collected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked important questions before visiting Nepal. If you have any queries, asking our experienced correspondent will swiftly help you.

When should I plan to visit Muktinath?

The ideal time to explore this pilgrimage is during the spring and autumn season. The weather and climate are favourable and the temperature is moderate during this time. So, the trip would be beneficial during this time of the year.

How to reach Nepal from Chennai?

Indigo, Vistara, and AirIndia are offering flight services to Kathmandu from Chennai via a stop in Delhi. The appropriate and time-efficient way to reach Nepal is via flights. After you arrive in Nepal, our office representative will pick you up from the Airport. You will be transferred to the hotel. Again, our representative will meet you at the hotel to brief you on the itinerary. If any payment is due, then it will be collected at the time of briefing.

What can I do in Nepal?

Nepal is an incredible country with impeccable mountain landscapes. You can add several other visits to the itinerary to visit other parts of the country. Also, you can do several adventure activities in the Pokhara valley. For more information on what you can do in Nepal, visit Things to do in Nepal.

What permits do I need to visit Muktinath Temple?

ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) permit is required to visit Muktinath temple. However, if you are trekking or taking a driving route to Muktinath, TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) permit should be obtained from the Nepal Tourism Board. For your ease, after your booking confirmation, we’ll obtain the permits and assist you in the due process.

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