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Kathmandu is the major city and capital of Nepal. It is really easy to travel from India to Nepal. From train services or flights, there are multiple options available. However, if you want to travel overland, you may like to know about Kathmandu near railway stations. The railway access to the few entry points made it really easy for the travellers willing to visit Nepal from India. The nearest railway station to Kathmandu Nepal is Raxaul and Gorakhpur.

However, Kathmandu's nearest railway station is Raxaul railway station. But there are two nearest railway stations to Kathmandu that are convenient for the travellers visiting Nepal from India, being Raxaul and Gorakhpur. These two are also the major entry points between Nepal and India. Moreover, you need to hop through the entry points in the borders where you will be asked for identification verification at customs. After the formalities, you can get some vehicles that will take you to the multiple destinations of Nepal.

Major railway stations near Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has always been admired for its immense beauty and vibrant cultural artefacts. Traveling to Nepal for Indian nationals is very easy. There are not any railway stations that have direct access to the capital, Kathmandu. But the railway from different places of India links the Nepal-India border. So, it’s really easy to enter Nepal for the Indian people. There are two nearest railway stations that lie on the border of Nepal and India. These railway stations are operated by Indian railway companies. However, this works as the easy access to enter the Nepal border via entry points in Nepal.

Railway Station

Distance to Kathmandu


335 KM


142 KM

Nepal and India have open borders and can be entered via multiple entry points by road. You can visit Nepal from India by road by using different modes of transportations. However, the railway access to enter Nepal also depends upon which part of India you are travelling. On the border entry points, you might have to show your identity card/passport or voter card for identification purposes. And also pay nominal charges applicable to the entry. There are many flight options from the different places of Nepal. Different airlines of Nepal operate flights to the multiple destinations of Nepal as well.

From Gorakhpur to Kathmandu

The Gorakhpur railway station is one of the Kathmandu near railway stations. By taking the train to Gorakhpur (UP), you can enter Nepal and get a bus that directly takes you to Kathmandu. From Gorakhpur, you can get a cab or jeep to reach the Sunauli border and thereafter customs at the entry point ensures you to enter Nepal. After crossing the entry point, you can also get different buses and jeeps to the different places of Nepal. From the different places of India, by using connecting trains or direct train to Gorakhpur, you can enter Nepal, if you are willing to travel by road from India to Nepal.

How far is Kathmandu from Gorakhpur?

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. From Gorakhpur (UP) India, Kathmandu lies at a distance of 335 KM. It takes around 10 hours to reach Kathmandu from Gorakhpur. The easy road access and vehicle availability make your travel experience convenient.

How can I travel Travel from Gorakhpur to Kathmandu?

If you are coming from the Indian side, you are most likely to travel from Varanasi or Gorakhpur. The bus from the nearest railway station will drop you to the nearby place of Sunauli border. You can walk if you want to get to the border, but if you need Rickshaw

After getting to the Sunauli border you can hire Rickshaw to cross the border. You can get private jeep/cars if you want to travel on a private transfer basis. But if you want a shared vehicle, there are a lot of buses departing from Bhairahawa to Kathmandu.

If you want to get into Kathmandu by flight from the Nepal side, it’s easy. From Bhairahawa airport, you also can get a flight to Kathmandu Airport. There are a lot of flights available from Bhairahawa to Kathmandu.

Day buses from Sunauli depart in the morning to 11 AM. Whereas, the night bus starts to depart in the afternoon.

From Raxaul to Kathmandu

If you are arriving at the Raxaul border, you can enter Nepal by following custom formalities at the entry point. Raxaul is one of the major trade points between India and Nepal. The train route comprises connections between some of the major places of India. The capital Delhi- Gorakhpur- Raxaul- Chakia-Muzaffarpur-Kolkata lies in this route. And it is also easy to access if you want to travel Nepal overland.

How can I travel from Raxaul to Kathmandu?

It takes around 5-10 minutes from Raxaul to reach Birgunj (Nepal Side). From there, the entry point is easily accessed. The distance from Raxaul to Kathmandu is 142 KMs. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach Kathmandu. You can get a rickshaw or walk on your foot to cross the border. After the customs formalities at the entry point, you can get either regular Buses or Jeeps or can hire any ground transportation services to reach Kathmandu. The private transfers are easy to access that take you directly to the Kathmandu valley or any desired locations.

However, if you want to get into Kathmandu in real quick time, you can get flights from Simara Airport, Birgunj. The flight duration from Simara airport to Kathmandu airport is 15 minutes. There are few entry points between Nepal and India border from where you can enter Nepal.

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